“The hope of humanity today is to get beyond the experience of duality” 

 Bede Griffiths

The Bede Griffiths Sangha is a network of people across the world who have been inspired by the life and teaching of Dom Bede Griffiths OSB


Bede Griffiths was one of the great Christian mystics of the 20th century. He was described the late Cardinal Basil Hume as a “mystic in touch with unconditional love and beauty”. His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, “His vision has guided him to open the hearts and minds of mankind to gain understanding and acceptance of all the major religions with respect and dignity”.


The Sangha keeps alive Fr Bede’s teaching of the non-dual unity at the heart of Life, the need for the meeting of all religions at this deep level, and the exploration of Christianity in the light of the spirituality and philosophy of other faith traditions.


The Sangha (the Sanskrit word for community) is an open network established in 1994. We publish regular newsletters, hold retreats and conferences, and regular on-line meditations through Zoom Ashram