Beyond the experience of duality

Beyond the Experience of Duality

Father Bede Griffiths (1906 – 1993) was an English Benedictine monk who, ‘in search of the other half of his soul’ went to India in 1955. His ashram at Shantivanam in Tamil Nadu, southern India, became a centre of prayer and meditation for many thousands of people. In honouring the truth and wisdom in both the Eastern and the Western traditions, Father Bede reached out to people, many of whom could not find God in their traditional churches.

‘I think that we must recognise that the Christian tradition cannot stand alone. We are being challenged today to see our religion in the context of other religions of the world. Since the way of meditation is found in all religions, contemplative life must be seen as a calling for humanity’

-Father Bede Griffiths

A Vision of Contemplative Renewal

‘If you love someone, you become one with him, or her and they become one with you, but you do not cease to be yourself. If that happened, it would no longer be love. So it is a communion of love, an experience of oneness in love, and that is the end and the meaning of life’

-Father Bede Griffiths

The life and teaching of Father Bede have immense relevance for our lives today, offering insight into the traditions of both the East and the West and the ways in which the Christian tradition can be enriched by the Indian experience of God.

He wrote a number of books, including:
The Golden String, Return to the Centre
The Marriage of East and West
A New Vision of Reality
The New Creation in Christ and Universal Wisdom.

“The hope of humanity today is to get beyond the experience of duality”

-Father Bede Griffiths