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This remarkable film about Bede Griffiths, made by John Swindells and Andrew Harvey shortly before Bede’s final stroke at the end of 1992, is now available to download or to buy as a DVD. It can be purchased from More Than Illusion Films



by Brother John Martin Sahajanda

What is Truth? (2012)                                                                                      £ 6.00

Fully Human – Fully Divine

A meeting point between the Vedic vision

& the vision of Christ                                                                                       £ 6.00

Mission without conversion (2013)                                                               £ 5.00

Becoming instruments of peace

You are the light (2002)                                                                                   £ 5.00

Rediscovering the Easter Jesus

A new song of creation (2010)                                                                       £ 2.00

Creation story retold with convergence of

Biblical and Hindu cosmologies


by Shirley du Boulay

Beyond the Darkness (2003)                                                                        £ 3.00

A biography of Father Bede Griffiths


We have available a few copies of  books that are second hand:

(Should you wish to donate books we can sell them through the Sangha, the monies raised will be used to help with subsidised places on retreats)

by Father Bede Griffiths

Return to the Centre (1976)                                                                         £ 5.00

A New Vision of Reality (1989)                                                                     £ 5.00

The New Creation in Christ (1992)                                                              £ 5.00

The Golden String  (1997)                                                                             £5.00

by Basil Hume

The Monk Cardinal  (2005) Howard A                                                        £5.00

by Krishnamurti

Beginnings of learning  (1975)                                                                     £5.00

The Second Penguin Krishnamurti

Reader (1973) ed Lutyens M                                                                        £5.00


CD’s (New)


Led by Caroline Mackenzie & sung by the Sangha (2015)                       £10.00


All prices include postage and packing

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