Beyond the experience of duality

Zoom Ashram

The 3rd Sunday of each month 16.00 hrs UK time


We have now run Zoom Ashram monthly for three years, apart from a summer break for July and August 2021, and we shall repeat that pattern this year.  

We started Zoom Ashram during lockdown in 2020 so that there was an opportunity for people wishing to connect with others through reflection, sharing and contemplation, to meet virtually in the same kind of atmosphere that was generated in our in-person gatherings when these became unachievable.  One consequence of doing this is that geographical nearness or distance is of little consequence, so we have had people gathering together from Africa, Asia, America and Europe.  The ability to be part of the group whilst remaining at home has also been helpful for those unable to go far physically.

Whilst there continues to be a call for these gatherings demonstrated by requests to join and by participants’ attendance and a lively quality of sharing, both verbally and in silence, our intention is to continue with Zoom Ashram, which hopefully evolves organically and continues to give an opportunity for the meeting of souls.

For further information about Zoom ashram, or if you are interested in coming, please email John Ryder, saying a little bit about yourself.  Thank – you.


1See the Hermits-in-Company article in the Summer 2020 Newsletter