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Articles by Bede Griffiths


Unified Consciousness: A talk given to the Mystics and Scientists Conference, Winchester, UK (1992)

Discovering the Inner Mystery: A Talk given to ‘Alternatives’ at St James Church, Piccadilly, London, UK (April 1992)

The Church: A talk at Osage Monastery (1992)

How I Pray (1992)

The Stages of Life and Old Age (1992)

On Homosexual Love (n.d. circa 1992)

Contemplative Prayer. A talk given at Osage Monastery (1991)

The Silence and Solitude of the Heart (1991)

God as Mother (n.d. circa 1991)

The Ashram and the Eucharist (c.1989)

On Meditation. A Talk given in Perth, Australia (1985)

The Personal God: Purusha and the Son of Man (1984)

The Founding Fathers. From Saccidananda Garland of Letters (1980s)

Saccidananda. From Saccidananda Garland of Letters (1980s)

The Church and the New Humanity (1984)

A New Vision of Reality: Talk given in Bangalore (1984)

The Incarnation as a Cosmic Event (1981)

Death and Resurrection (1981)

In Filial Disobedience (1978)

The One Mystery. Hindu-Christian Dialogue (1974)

Erroneous Beliefs and Unauthorised Rites. Article and subsequent correspondence in The Tablet (1973)

Shantivanam. Forest of Peace (1969)

Placing Indian Religion (1963)

Non-Violence and Nuclear War (1961)

A Letter from India (1960)

Sin, Repentance and the Unconscious (1960s)

Hinduism and Christianity in India (1960)

The Ideal of Non-Violence (1957)

Liturgical Formation and the Spiritual Life (1952)