Beyond the experience of duality

The New Consciousness (1993)

Discovering the Inner Mystery: A talk given to ‘Alternatives’ St James Church, Piccadilly, London, 13th April 1992

Unified Consciousness: A talk given to the Mystics and Scientists Conference, Winchester, UK (1992)

The Church: A talk at Osage Monastery (1992)

How I Pray (1992)

The Stages of Life and Old Age (1992)

On Homosexual Love (n.d. circa 1992)

Contemplative Prayer. A talk given at Osage Monastery (1991)

The Silence and Solitude of the Heart (1991)

God as Mother (n.d. circa 1991)

The M-Word (1990)

The Ashram and the Eucharist (c.1989)

A Benedictine Ashram (from Saccidananda Garland of Letters 1988)

On Meditation. A Talk given in Perth, Australia (1985)

The Personal God: Purusha and the Son of Man (1984)

The Founding Fathers. From Saccidananda Garland of Letters (1980s)

Saccidananda. From Saccidananda Garland of Letters (1980s)

The Church and the New Humanity (1984)

A New Vision of Reality: Talk given in Bangalore (1984)

The Church of the Future (1982)

The Incarnation as a Cosmic Event (1981)

Death and Resurrection (1981)

Death into Life (1980)

The Birth in a Cave (1979)

The Search for God (1979)

Spirit as Mother (1979)

Intercommunion Now (1978)

In Filial Disobedience (1978)

The Vedic Revelation (1977)

Union and Communion (1977)

“Dear Thomas” again (1976)

Village religion in India (1975)

The Universal Truth (1975)

The One Mystery. Hindu-Christian Dialogue (1974)

Shantivanam. Forest of Peace (1969)

Placing Indian Religion (1963)

Non-Violence and Nuclear War (1961)

A Letter from India (1960)

Sin, Repentance and the Unconscious (1960s)

Hinduism and Christianity in India (1960)

The Ideal of Non-Violence (1957)

The Cloud on the Tabernacle (1953)

The Mystery of the Scriptures (1952)

Liturgical Formation and the Spiritual Life (1952)

The Divine Office as a Method of Prayer (1951)