hermits-in-company silent retreat
September 12 – 16th

The Monastery of Our Lady and St Bernard

‘We need to recover oases of silence…for it is in silence
 that we meet God face to face’ 
(Max Picard) 

It’s wonderful, after such a long period of being confined to zoom, to be able to let you know about this actual hermits-in-company gathering.  It will run from late afternoon on Monday 12th, to after lunch on Friday 16th September. Meeting in person once again, and experiencing this extended time of silence together has the potential to be a precious, whole-some and creative experience. 

The retreat will be held at the Monastery of Our Lady and St Bernard which is situated amid the peaceful wooded valleys of the South Cotswolds. Although we have held many sangha retreats here, this is the first time for a hermits’ retreat, and the Sisters are delighted we are coming. The retreat will be facilitated by Jane Lichnowski and John Ryder.

Our time together will be gently held by the Benedictine rhythm of morning, midday, evening and night prayer; during which we will have prayers, readings and meditation. There will also be times of contemplative sharing. You are free to use the in between times as you wish. The retreat is simple and spacious – allowing time for quietening, becoming more present to ourselves, each other and the world around us, and reflection.

We will have a lightly held theme, which will help support and deepen our communal silence. Details of this will be sent nearer the time. Participants will be invited, if they wish, to bring along readings that speak to the theme to offer at prayer times. The theme will link to that of the zoom ashram which will be on the Sunday after the retreat – September 18th.

Cost of the retreat is £185. Numbers are limited and places will be given on a first come first served basis. I will be sending out a registration form to those coming and requesting a small deposit, in July.

If you have any queries or want to request a place please contact me.  Email jane.saunderson@live.co.uk

The retreat is open to anyone wanting to spend an extended period of silence with others, and a warm welcome awaits both new and returning ‘hermits’.