hermits@home online silent retreat

May 12-14th  2022

Maintaining and integrating a spiritual practice in daily life can be challenging at the best of times; potentially even harder yet more vital in our currently turbulent world. Its value, at such times, was vividly brought home to me when I read, in Father Lawrence Freeman’s WCCM Lent reflection of March 25th, the words of a Ukrainian meditator who said;

Everything around us is dying but in meditation we find in ourselves what cannot die. We see meditation as a narrow way taking us through the clash of oppositions that create chaos around us. Meditation has never been more precious. We see what it means more clearly than ever. 

This hermits@home silent retreat offers an opportunity to be held in contemplative time together, in our own homes, with like-minded souls.

The retreat will run from early evening on Thursday May 12th, and finish after namajapa (9pm) on Saturday 14th evening. The retreat is open to anyone able to commit to attending for the whole of this time.

Our first evening together will give us time to connect, go over retreat practicalities, and begin quietening. We will go into silence after evening prayers. We will then follow our familiar rhythm of morning, midday, evening and night prayer and meditation; also, contemplative sharing. The retreat ends with night prayer on Saturday  

In between meetings, you are free to sculpt your time as circumstances permit. This will be different for everyone. We hope that, as much as possible, you will be able to create space and time within your situation to be able to settle and deeply engage with the retreat. There may be time for reading, for walking or simply reflecting – different ways to support your practice, A lightly held theme for the retreat will emerge nearer the time, and participants are invited to bring readings that speak to the theme to offer at prayer times.

It would be possible, if you wanted, to make your retreat time longer. You could consider easing yourself into the retreat during Thursday, by beginning to quieten and let go of ‘to do’s’. Likewise, you could continue your personal retreat until after zoom ashram on Sunday May 15th.

Numbers are limited, so if you are interested or have any questions do let me know. My email is   jane.saunderson@live.co.uk